Evaluation Services

Without strong guidance from experienced professionals, PPM initiatives can often start to deviate from the initial goals and fail to meet expectations.  Calvert Dynamic’s years of experience implementing PPM solutions for companies in a variety of industries and sizes have enabled to recognize key success factors and identify common causes for failure.  We can audit an existing PPM initiative to provide guidance on how to derive greater benefit as well as define a realistic and achievable roadmap. 

The areas we review can be broken into the following high level subject areas:

1.      People:        Are the proper people involved and do they understand the roles they are to play?

2.      Process:      What processes are in scope, are they documented and do they match the maturity of the organization?

3.      Product:     How has the product been implemented?  Does it match commercially acceptable solutions?  Does it support the processes defined?  Are you                           using the out of the box functionality?

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